In today’s generation as technology and modernity is spreading its root everywhere. We can notice the changes in the nature and culture of our society. The love between families is getting lost in this fast moving world and relationships are just for name. Today’s young generation dose not even know about their family background – how their forefathers survived and what were their achievements.


We don't just want to build a museum which showcases materialistic   things, but also the achievement, lifestyle of common people from different backgrounds, which will not only help them get name and fame, but also bring families together. But for this we need people all over India, who wants their achievements to highlighted. We would look forward for such people to invest in our project.

We all think how Royal families use to live and what were their life style and some where deep down, we also want to experience the same. MMSSY  9 entertainment private limited will give wings to your dream and make it come true. You can create history for your family, so that your successors can also feel proud on your hard work and achievements. We will  write a book, make a documentary film on your outstanding and remarkable achievements.