Documentary film

Company will make a documentary film on the life of every member / participants. The film will be a non fictional motion picture intended to document the life of the member.                                                  .


The company will write a book on participant's life and his/her achievements. This will let coming generation to know and learn about the participant life.


The Company will make a holographic live 3d model of participant. This model will walk, sit and talk by recoarded voice like a alive person.


The Company will make a wax statue or a marble statue or a holographic projection of participant which would be displayed in the museum.


The company will make the life chart of the member/participant, presenting last three generation and the next generation, having name.gotra,cast and many more about their forefathers.


Museum will display antiques and would also allow sale and purchase of those


Our company will help to fulfill the gap between old and new generation by this museum. Our company will provide minimum 1000 sq feet covered area . Company will also provide membership in water park ,hotel and you would be the part of mmssy9 THE FAMILY.